[2021 Upgraded] COMSOON Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver for Car, Noise Cancelling Bluetooth AUX Adapter, Bluetooth Music

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Product Description


Pairing Steps:

1. Long press the “MFB” button for 3 seconds, the receiver power on and the indicator light flashes red and blue, which means it’s pairing mode.

2. Plug the 3.5mm audio connector into the AUX port on your receiver and the other end into the audio input port on your home stereo or car stereo.

3. Turn on the Bluetooth function of your smart device, search for “J22” and connect. After successful connection, the indicator flashes blue once every 5 seconds.

4. Then you can enjoy music or answer hands-free calls.

J22 1 J25-小图 J29 T25
J22-Bluetooth Car Receiver (Silver) J22-Bluetooth Car Receiver (gray) J25-Bluetooth Receiver with LCD Screen J29-AUX Bluetooth Adapter for Car T25-Bluetooth FM Transmitter
Bluetooth Version V5.0 V5.0 V5.0 V5.0 V5.0
Connect Port AUX to Bluetooth AUX to Bluetooth AUX to Bluetooth AUX to Bluetooth FM to to Bluetooth
Music Play Modes Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth USB Flash Drive, Micro SD Card, Bluetooth
Power On/Off Switch -
Light Blue Ring Light Blue Ring Light - Blue Ring Light Blue Ring Light
Screen - - LCD - -
U-Disk Capacity - - - - ≤32GB
TF or SD Card Capacity - - - - ≤32GB
USB Charge Port - - - - 5V/2.4A, 5V/1A