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Why ‘Static’ Stretching Approach Is A Bad Idea?

Most people fail to achieve full-body split because they adopt ‘Static’ stretching approach.

Knowing how to achieve full-body flexibility is one thing

But achieving it is another challenge altogether.

If you trust these so-called Youtube experts, they’ll have you believe a simple ‘static’ stretching routine is enough to achieve full-body flexibility.

Or creating few Yoga poses (as this is the sole secret for getting a full split)

It takes more than static stretching routine and yoga poses to achieve full-muscle flexibility… and doing it wrong can create MORE damage.

The reason why some people able to achieve full-muscle flexibility is simple…

It is complicated to achieve full-muscle flexibility to have a full split.

If you see how core muscles are connected inside your belly, it is difficult to access them. It is hard to mobilize, let alone training them.

So this is why achieving full-muscle flexibility for full-split requires more than few static stretches like you’ve probably tried before.

You’ve probably found you’re spending countless hours (or money) on Yoga sessions, MMA sessions, and marathon kick-boxing sessions only to find it has minimal effect.

That’s because you have to target your core muscles with 8-Min Dynamic Stretching Routine to target these muscles and then train them.

The truth is, you can achieve full-split quickly on your own without the help of an expert.

Your core muscle is the combination of safe lock, and there’re numbers (approaches) to unlock it so that you can train them and get full-body flexibility. But for that, you need to put these numbers in the correct order.

There’re few conventional, but proven techniques beyond a few simple yoga pose or stretch to unlock these core muscles, train them, and stop them from losing its flexibility.