OKYUK 4G GPS Smartwatch for Girls Boys, IP67 Waterproof Sport

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ip67 waterproof
HD Camera
Calculator/Alarm Clocks/SOS ECalculator/Alarm Clocks/SOS Emergency Callsmergency Calls

Calculator: Children can continuously calculate addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on the smartwatch, which can help your children solve simple calculation problems.

Alarm Clocks: Parents can set 3 different alarm clocks according to their children's needs, so that each child learns to manage and allocate his own time.

SOS Emergency Calls: In any emergency, double-click the SOS button of the children's samrtwatch to confirm. It will dial the numbers of mom and dad one by one.



  1. Intercom: The APP can be recorded and delivered to the device, and the device can also be recorded and sent to the APP.
  2. Map: APP can query the last position of the device and display it on the map to query the real-time location of the device.
  3. Health: APP can query the historical movement of the device, statistical results.
  4. Footstep: APP can query the historical track of the device.
  5. Security zone: The app can set the fence. When the device is inside the fence and outside the fence, the APP will receive a message.
  6. Information Center: Low battery reminder, fence reminder.
  7. Watch alarm: APP sets the alarm time of the device.
  8. Looking for a watch: After the APP issues an order, the device will ring.
  9. Love reward: After the APP sends the order, the device shows love.
  10. Settings: APP can set SOS/family number, device working mode, idea monitoring, DND mode, etc.