Premium Classroom Headphone & Mic Set by Sonitum-

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COLORFUL & UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE- We offer our sets in colorful

Take Your Workplace Or Classroom To The Next Age Of Online Meetings & Education – The Smart & Practical Way!

Do you often find it difficult to keep up with online classes and zoom meetings using just the build in speakers and microphones of your laptop or smartphone?

Isn’t it annoying to spend your time and money on overpriced headphones, microphones, and headsets that quickly prove to be impractical and uncomfortable?

If all that sounds just a bit too familiar, don’t worry – that’s exactly what we’re here for.

Sonitum Premium Earphone & Microphone Headsets – With 3.5mm Jack Cable & High Quality Stereo Sound.

Designed specifically to fit the needs of the recent turn to online meetings, e-classes, remote working and learning, and distant education, these microphone-equipped headphones are a dependable, no-frills solution to your daily needs.

Whether you’re a home user looking for headsets for your family and loved ones, a teacher looking for affordable e-class accessories, or a business owner looking to invest in some dependable online meeting and distance work accessories, these bulk headset bundles are right up your alley!

To cover all your different needs - for you, your family or your classroom - the Sonitum colorful headphones are available in:


  • 5-Packs
  • 10-Packs



Excellent Quality Value Pack – Specially Designed For E-Learning, Online Classrooms, Meetings, Calls & More!


  • HQ Sound for superior sound quality every single time
  • Lightweight & durable frames that can be bent
  • Adjustable fit perfect for both adults and kids
  • Comfortable swivel cups that allow hours and hours of wear
  • 3.5mm jack for Universal Compatibility with endless devices
  • Noise Reducing Technology for maximum comfort
  • Extra thick wire for enhanced product-life
  • Perfect for home use, businesses, schools, libraries, kindergartens, internet cafes and spots, online classes, museums, health and youth centers, and more!


Enjoy Every Single Call To The Maximum – Now You Know How!