Soliaura Bhringraj Powder Eclipta alba 200g 7oz Homemade Indian Cuisine Organically

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Product description

Soliaura Bhringraj Powder also known as Eclipta Alba or False Daisy Powder is the most important herb from Indian Ayurvedic. It is used in almost every ayurvedic preparation related to hair. Bhringraj powder is a herb that has wide use in Ayurvedic medicine. This wonder herb is a remedy for a lot of ailments. Since ages, many people, especially in India, have been using the Bhringraj powder to maintain healthy hair. It helps promote a good and well rested sleep and stops premature greying of hair. Bhringraj nourishes the hair and arrests hair fall. It also stimulates the scalp promoting hair growth. Eclipta Alba Bhringaraj or Eclipta Alba is also known as False Daisy, Karisalankanni, Yerba de Tago or Maka Powder. It is popular for its multiple health benefits. The herb is best known for its miraculous benefits as an all-round hair tonic. If you are concerned about premature hair loss or thinning, as well as dandruff, then adding a bit of Eclipta alba to your hair regimen is a very good idea. It can be mixed in with shampoos to moisturize the scalp, preventing dry skin and consequent dandruff. Using Bhringraj Powder: Make a paste of Bhringaraj Powder using the required quantity of powder for your hair, add little water, mix well and make a thick paste. Gently massage rotating the fingertips. Wait 30-45 minutes. Wash thoroughly with water. External Use: 1. Take 1 tea spoon Bhringaraj Powder + 1 teaspoon amla powder Make paste with plain water and apply on head scalp, keep it for 1 hour and wash. 2. Take 2 tea spoon Bhringaraj Powder, add it to 100ml coconut oil – stir it well for 10 minutes, Keep it overnight next day morning filter the oil & keep it in amber coloured glass bottle. Massage this oil thoroughly at night on scalp and wash it in morning.